Legends and myths about central vacs

Legends and myths about central vacs

Legends and myths about central vacs

The central vacuum pipeline is inhabited with mice and cockroaches. The system can get blocked quickly. Learn whether it is true... 

Myth No. 1: Pipelines are inhabited by mice and cockroaches

Mice, cockroaches and other living creatures live in places where food is available. In the pipeline of the central vacuum system there is no food. Besides, during cleaning vacuum and a powerful air stream are created, and they are incompatible with life of insects and rodents. Vacuum is so strong that the hose can easily raise 2 kg weight provided the power unit is operated.

Myth No. 2: The elite vacuum cleaner with water cleaning is better

Keen disappointment for admirers of vacuum cleaners with water cleaning (aqua-filter) that are even equipped with HEPA filters, these assistants cannot cope with fine-dispersed allergic dust with size of 0.3 micron and less. Fine-dispersed dust contains remains of dust mites, viruses, bacteria, fungus spores, particles of cigarette smoke.

Even increase of number of filtration stages to 7 and more does not cause the intended effect. Manufacturers of these vacuum cleaners do not conceal the fact that 99.9 % cleaning of dust is reached for particles with size more than 0.3 microns.

Myth No. 3: It is necessary to break everything, to install it

The Blizzard Lufttechnik central vacuum systems are designed to improve life, but not to get headache. If your house is under construction, you simply call an engineering company that is a dealer of Blizzard Lufttechnik GmbH, and they define location of the power unit, vac sockets and pipelines. And all the system will be installed right before fine finish of your house. Installation of the system takes about 2 to 3 days in the house with area of 300 sq.m. But if you plan to renovate your flat and do not plan to break walls, pipelines can be laid at the ceiling level and along plinths with their hiding in decorative trays.

Myth No. 4: It is a very expensive thing

Let's look at the "problem" from a different perspective: full cost of central vacuum system, including project and installation of equipment, makes 12 to 16 euro per square meter of premises area. The average operation period is 20 years! Thus, it means that your "price" for clean air makes about 8 euro per month…So, agree, this is an affordable investment!

Myth No. 5: The pipeline can get clogged

The central vacuum system is often compared to the centralized water supply system. Thus, thought about pipeline clogging appears automatically. And then, how often has your portable vacuum cleaner got clogged? Dozens of times! Especially, the family has a small child leaving a lot of coarse litter on the floor. The problem of clogging is solved at the design level of the central vacuum system. Firstly, diameter of the opening for brush and attachment makes 19 mm (pipeline diameter is about 50 mm), therefore probability of ingress of objects in the hose or pipeline system is very low. Secondly, in the internal part of the vac socket a safety branch is installed to prevent ingress of long objects in the pipeline.

If sewer pipes or other pipes were used for installation of the central vacuum system, unfortunately, it will be impossible to avoid clogging! As these pipes are not intended for being used with central vacuum systems. Therefore, do not forget two simple principles: for installation of the central vacuum system use only special pipes and fittings; installation should be done by certified staff! This is highly qualified personnel who have undertook a special training course in the Blizzard Lufttechnik company, uses only professional equipment; they can help to settle any questions related to operation of the central vacuum system, including clogging.

Myth No. 6: Your polluted air is discharged to your neighbor

Many may think that if during operation of the central vacuum system exhaust is withdrawn outdoors, all the dust after cleaning will be discharged in the atmosphere, and, consequently, to the territory of neighbor. Now let's learn how it really works: all the dust and dirt collected by the central vacuum system enters the power unit where it is treated in the cyclone and in motor filter. Then exhaust that is to be discharged in the atmosphere contains only invisible fine-dispersed fraction.

If you heard other stories about the central vacuum system, please call us and learn whether they are true!  

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