Advantages of professional central vacuum systems

Advantages of professional central vacuum systems

Advantages of professional central vacuum systems

There are eight most important advantages of central vacuum system Blizzard Lufttechnik GmbH.

Removal of ingrained dust 

Owing to high capacity of the power unit central vacuum system can clean surfaces that cannot be cleaned by portable vacuum cleaners. The system is indispensable in theaters, film theaters, hotels and facilities with many areas with carpet coatings.

Ideally clean air

The portable vacuum cleaner collects dust from the floor, filters coarse dust and discharge exhaust air with fine-dispersed dust indoors. This dust remains in the air in form of suspension for several hours and even several days that causes allergy to office employees and trigger visitors' allergy. This problem is very acute in hospitals, patient care institutions, museums, libraries and archives. In centralized vacuum systems exhaust air with dust after having been cleaned is withdrawn outdoors. Problem of sick lists and displeased visitors can be solved once and forever.

Preservation of art objects

Biologically active dust (guanine) raised in the air by a portable vacuum cleaner combines with surfaces of antique items and paints on pictures. This is a reason of contamination of objects of arts. Thus, with the lapse of time objects of arts can lose their freshness and require cleaning. Cleaning with noisy portable vacuum cleaners leads to deterioration of cultural property with sound vibrations. During operation of any portable vacuum cleaner sound vibrations influences intensively at surfaces that can cause their deterioration and chalking. The central vacuum cleaner is free of these defaults.


Cleaning with portable vacuum cleaners causes considerable discomfort to clients of hotels, places of resort, creative workers, actors during rehearsals and performances. When the central vacuum system is used absence of noise allows creating a flexible and convenient schedule of cleaning that does not interfere rest and creative processes.

Preservation of interior

Reckless negligence of a cleaner during traditional cleaning can lead to damage of parquet, valuable furniture and interiors with a traditional vacuum cleaner. Using of the central vacuum cleaner preserves the interior, extends service life of floor that directly depends on quality of cleaning.

Special cleaning

At many cultural facilities there are works and shops on repair of decorations, requisites and restoration. Additional preliminary separators allow cleaning these premises within single central vacuum without extra expenses. The central vacuum cleaner enables to clean high racks in archives, miniature items.

Decades of work

Operational life of the central vacuum system (stationary professional vacuum cleaner) makes in average from 20,000 to 40,000 hours and considerably exceeds operational life of the portable vacuum cleaner that makes from 800 to 1000 hours. Systems are reliable and do not require expensive maintenance. Investing in the central vacuum permits not to return to issue of cleaning for many years.

Savings up to 30 % to 40%

The central vacuum enables to lower time of cleaning by 30 %. Cost of operation due to labor saving, absence of repair works, reduced power consumption is by 30 % to 40% lower cost of operation of portable vacuum cleaners. Payback period of the central vacuum makes from 2 to 4 years. For example, for hotels with area of 30,000 sq. m annual savings make up to 30,000 euro. Cost per meter makes from 5-10 euro. Cost of project is from 3 % to 5 % depending on complexity of a project. Professional central vacuums are used in leading world hotel chains Holiday Inn, Intercontinental, Best Western, Marriott, Kempinski ets.  

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