Ventilation units for housing estates

Ventilation units for housing estates

Ventilation units for housing estates

Developers in Germany actively equip modern housing estates with ventilation units. Why this type of ventilation is in such great demand among Germans? 

An der Donau residential settlement (Ingolstadt). Heat saving KfW-60.

In the An der Donau residential settlement of German Ingolstadt everything is done for people convenience. Ecology and convenience are key principles of Tobias Brand, architect who created this concept of the quarter. In few meters there is a river. The 41-apartment building is located among lawns and small parks. Owners of ground floors have their own lots for growing flowers. All the houses are built as per the heat saving standard KfW-60, in accordance with which house needs for power should not exceed 60 kilowatt-hour/m2. It is known that a half of energy losses is connected with ventilation of premises. 

To avoid such losses, Komfort ventilation units were used. Due to recovery 76 % of heat is saved. The main problem was absence of possibility to bring air duct out to the house facades, as, in the architect's opinion, it affects houses style. As a result, air ducts were taken into door jambs. Flats in An der Donau housing estate were equipped with 220 ventilation units Komfort .

Neu-Schladitz residential settlement (Leipzig). Noisy neighborhood.

More than 2,000,000 people fly over their houses every year. Population of the Neu-Schladitz residential settlement is not lucky; their houses are located not far from the Leipzig/Halle airport. Within 20 years passenger traffic has increased 4 times, freight turnover - 2000 times. In 2009 DHL and Lufthansa Cargo made a provincial airport its logistic center on transportation of cargoes to Northern America and Asia.

Noise became a real disaster for habitants of the quarter. In 2008 a complex reconstruction of the quarter was started. As a part of reconstruction a range of measures on soundproofing of dwelling houses was undertaken. Windows and roll down shutters were changed. 

The Standard ventilation units that correspond to 3 to 4 class of soundproofing and are intended for nonstop operation for 24 hour a day were installed in bedrooms, children rooms and sitting rooms. Thus, external noise does not penetrate into the flats anymore. In addition to solving of problem with noise decentralized ventilation created an excellent microclimate in flats. Totally 247 ventilation units were installed.

Schenefeld residential settlement near Hamburg. Healthy choice.

The Bergers bought a flat in Schenefeld, a new residential settlement near Hamburg. Decentralized ventilation systems with heat recovery were provided in flats. Selection of ventilation units was determined by their advantages in comparison to central ventilation:

  1. Budget reduction is by 45 %.
  2. No need to lower ceiling, as there were no air ducts.
  3. There is no necessity to clean air ducts – savings for dwelling for 20 years makes up to 3000 euro.

Niches for installation of 3 units in the walls were prepared in the flat – in the bedroom, sitting room and children room. For a period of plastering niches were protected by inserted blockouts from polyurethane foam. After fine finish blockouts were replaced with ventilation units. Totally 158 units were installed in the housing estate.

Ventilation units Blizzard are good for any application. They can be embedded in the wall during renovations. They can be hanged on the wall, if they have to be installed in the house where people already live. When concentration of СО2 increases, the system can be automatically switched on. There is a function of preheating for operation in cold regions. 

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