Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Our clients asked us many questions about advantage of ventilation units Blizzard, how do they work. We have provided answers to the most questions…   

№1: Is it necessary to install air ducts?

Answer: The ventilation unit Blizzard does not require installation of air ducts network, thus this is not a centralized ventilation installation, but a compact supply-extract system with heat recovery for installation in the dwelling room. The unit is located inside the room at the outdoor wall. Through a short pipe with 100 mm diameter located inside the wall supply air enters premises. Through the second pipe air is discharged outdoors. Thus, air ducts are not required. Accordingly there is no need to lower ceilings for their installation.

№ 2: Is it necessary to install units in each room?

Answer: Theoretically, yes, as this is a decentralized ventilation system. However, there is no need in ventilation of auxiliary rooms. We recommend to install our ventilation units in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, nurseries and libraries.

№ 3: How many ventilation units are necessary for a house?

Answer: It depends on number and size of rooms that are to be equipped with ventilation. If plans are available, our project specialist can estimate required number of units. In general, it is recommended to use one ventilation unit for 30 to 40 sq. m of dwelling area. A typical house for 1 family usually requires 2 to 4 pieces.

№ 4: Is it possible to cool premises in a hot summer night?

Answer: Models Komfort and Nord are provided with an automatic program of ventilation with heat recovery that allows to control various levels of supply and exhaust air (from 15 to 100 m3/h) and to program time. For example, in hot summer days when outdoor air is warmer than indoors air, heat recovery is desirable during daytime. Supply air is cooled with exhaust air. At night, when outdoors air is cooler than outdoors, the ventilation unit Blizzard Komfort or Nord can be used without recovery. Thus, using the Blizzard ventilation at night can cool the house and the flat without extra expenses for conditioning.

№ 5: How thick should be a wall to allow installation?

Answer: The unit can be integrated in the wall with thickness from 17.5 to 36.5 cm (brickwork without plasterwork). It is always possible to make additional thickening of the wall (for example, for account of insulation).

№ 6: What does air exchange 0.5 times per hour mean?

Answer: Relation of fresh air volume to volume of a ventilated room. Therefore, air exchange 0.5 times per hour means that air in the room is totally changed every 2 hours.

№ 7: Where should Blizzard ventilation units be located?

Answer: They should be installed on the internal side of the outdoor wall. It is recommended to install units on the wall with windows and, if possible, at a high level. Stale warm air is concentrated in the upper part of the room from where is can be effectively withdrawn. The unit is to be installed at the level of about 30 cm below ceiling.

№ 8: What service does the Blizzard ventilation unit require?

Answer: It is necessary to change filters, to clean the casing from time to time and, if necessary, to clean the heat exchanger. Convenient and compact round filtering cartridges have very large filtration area (0.12 to 0.36 m2) and, accordingly, a long service life. In accordance with German legislation requirements filters are to be changed not less than once a year depending on their state. Filters can be replaced within a minute and it does not require any special skills. As exhaust air is also filtered, contamination of the heat exchanger is practically excluded. If necessary, the heat exchanger can be washed by running water and detergent.

№ 9: Why are supply and exhaust air filtered?

Answer: On the one hand, in order to prevent input of harmful substances indoors from outdoor air, on the other hand, in order to protect the ventilation unit (for example, motors, the heat exchanger, electronic components).

№ 10: Does mixture of supply and exhaust air exist?

Answer: It is excluded. Firstly, air is discharged under a head, while air is sucked near the opening that practically prevents mixture of air streams. Secondly, at external facade there is always natural motion of air that prevents direct mixture of air streams. It was studied and confirmed by TUV of Southern Bavaria. Besides, the system was successfully tested in Deutsches Institut fur Bautechnik, Berlin (Certificate No. Z-51.3-138 dated 28.02.2003).

№ 11: Is it possible to use units in houses with finished renovation?

Answer: Of course! The ventilation unit is located on the wall. One unit requires only two drilled holes with diameter of 120 mm and a current supply line.

№ 12: Does use of units cause draughts?

Answer: No. The principle of location of sources of supply and exhaust air in one place excludes this problem.

№ 13: Is it possible to install Blizzard units on the ceiling?

Answer: No, installation is intended for wall vertical installation. Proper removal of condensate that can be formed at very cold days cannot be ensured in case of installation on the ceiling. Streaming down condensate can damage motors and electronic components. On this case warranty is not valid.

№ 14: Is it possible to install units in cabinets?

Answer: It is necessary to avoid screening of the ventilation installation with tulle, curtains, etc. It is also recommended to install the unit in confined space, including cabinets, as it can cause loss of effectiveness.

№ 15: How noisy are Blizzard ventilation units?

Answer: Under recommended permanent ventilation of 30 m3 units produce noise at the level of 15 dB. For comparison low whisper (30 dB), conversation (50 dB), street noise (80 dB). Therefore, Blizzard ventilation units are recommended for use in bedrooms.

№ 16: Is it possible to use units in rooms with the fireplace?

Answer: Yes. In the room with double-glazed windows pressure difference should not exceed 4 to 8 Pa. Otherwise, smoke will be sucked into the room. For installation of ventilation units in the room with the fireplace use control device that is ordered additionally.

№ 17: Is condensate accumulated in Blizzard ventilation units?

Answer: Under normal operational temperature and level of moisture in the dwelling certain sweating is possible at very cold days during heating season. It is exhausted in the atmosphere through the collector and is diffused sprayed by the fan together with exhaust air. Therefore, the pan for condensate is not required. During heating season the user has to perform intensive ventilation at least 1 to 2 times a day. It excludes sweating.  

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