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Fool proof system

The SL-klasse product line has been developed to exclude failure of equipment under unfavorable operating conditions. It has the following functions: auto-trip in case of pinched hose; automatic shut-down after 1 hour of operation; auto-trip of the motor in case of wear of carbon-baked brush; automatic purging of the route after each shutdown in order to avoid dust building-up in the pipeline; retaining device for plastic bags of the dust collector to let it to be sucked in by air steam.

Finger-tips control

Modern electronic system enables to get information on system operation at your fingertips. On the hose handle there is an information unit informing you when it is necessary to clean filters, remove wastes from the dust collector, call service staff for maintenance. On the hose handle there is a regulator for regulating suction power subject to cleaning purposes.

It could not be too much power

Maximum vacuum 45 kPa for P240VIP model ensures high quality of cleaning. Power unit of the stationary central vacuum system includes two connected in series motors creating powerful air thrust.   

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