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Motor Siemens - a long-term service life

High quality of Siemens motors enabled to reach a long-term service life for 20 to 30 years. Long service life is also supported by other technologies: multi-staged electronic protection against motor overheating, soft start, safety valves, the central exhaust with diameter 110 mm, a bracket with 3 rubber silencer blocks.

Convenience makes the corner-stone

Due to available technology of the S-klasse system you can adjust suction power at the hose handle, obtain necessary information on system status thanks to the electronic assistant. Availability of an additional filter for hands protection allows avoiding unpleasant contact with dust. Besides, the S-klasse is a leader at the market of noiseless operation that is especially important for flats and town houses. Due to use of the ramjet engine the S-klasse central vacuum system can be integrated in niches.

High power

Central vacuum systems Blizzard are equipped with high-speed motors Siemens (BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeraete GmbH) with motor speed from 30,000 to 48,000 revolutions per minute. They have one of the highest coefficients of efficiency (40.5 %) among analogs. Researches performed by the Siemens laboratory showed that it is not reasonable to use central vacuum systems with capacity less than 500 air Watts. It connected with considerable aerodynamic losses inside the pipeline and cleaning accessories. 500 air Watts is the minimum capacity of the central vacuum system in accordance with German standards. Even the smallest central vacuum system with the Siemens Compact 600 motor has capacity 600 air Watts.

Low level noise

Use of Siemens rotational motors enabled to reach the lowest level of noise among analogous stationary central vacuum systems with corresponding capacity 60 dB (as a comparison, noise level of direct-analogy models makes 70 to 80 dB). The power unit of the Blizzard Lufttechnik central vacuum system producing noise of 53 dB (with a silencer) is located outside the dwelling area – in the cellar, garage, technical room, loggia. Therefore, due to low level of noise of the block and its remoteness noise produced by is is not heard during cleaning.

Energy saving makes from 25 % to 30 %

Siemens rotational motors have higher coefficient of efficiency than bypass motors. Owing to this fact during operation they use power by 25 % to 30 % less that means that they allow saving means of household budget within the whole service life of the system.

It does not contaminate indoors air with carbon dust

Rotational motors are cooled with air from the premises where the power unit is located. During operation of the central vacuum system carbon-baked brushes of the stator are subject to intensive wear. Coal particles with cooling air are discharged in the premises where the power unit is located and that contaminates air and premises. The Siemens motor of the Blizzard central vacuum system uses a system of direct cooling with dust-free air without indoors contamination. It is especially important for flats, townhouses and houses where it is not possible to install the power unit in separate premises.

Durability supported by warranty

The Blizzard Lufttechnik central vacuum system is installed once and forever – it can even serve to your children. Its operation life makes at least 20 to 30 years. You can easily estimate a value that is called "cost of ownership". The fact confirming reliability of the Blizzard stationary central vacuum system with the Siemens motor is a long-term warranty that makes 500 hours of service, equivalent of 10 years of the warranty period under condition of 1 hour of cleaning per week.

We speak the same language

Many clients believe the central vacuum system to be magic. Dust disappears in the wall as if by magic. But all this convenience is ensured by the system that requires maintenance as any other equipment does. It is necessary to clean a dust collector, change filters, to perform maintenance in time. Then equipment can serve for decades. The S-klasse is equipped with an electronic assistance - a system providing information on status of the central vacuum system and measures on maintenance.   

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