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Advantages: 100% removal of cleaner and smell

The Clean House system (central vacuum system) produced by Blizzard Lufttechnik company removes even the most coarse and fine particles of dust that can cause allergy being ejected in the air. In contrast to traditional vacuum cleaners Blizzard system does not eject exhaust air back indoors, but withdraws it after cleaning outwards.

Noiseless operation

Cleaning with a portable vacuum cleaner especially during day off does not allow to get relaxed and have a rest. The central vacuum system is operated in a different way. The power unit is located outside the dwelling area - in the basement, in garage, and loggia. Therefore, noise is not heard during cleaning. It is possible to do cleaning in the nighttime.


If the central vacuum system is installed in your house, all you carry with you is a light hose. To clean a fireplace and not to feel like Cinderella, use a separator – it can help you to remove extinguished coals and ash from the fire[lace easily. The VacPan and Vroom are very popular.

They need no cleaning after use

Besides, after cleaning house you have to clean your vacuum cleaner: to remove dust from dust collectors, the water vacuum cleaner should be washed and dried. If you fail to do it in time, suction power decreases. The central vacuum system does not require service after every use. It is enough to remove dust from the dust collector once per half a year and year. Therefore, in order to finish cleaning, it is enough to disconnect a hose from the socket.

Solution - once and forever

The Blizzard Lufttechnik central vacuum system is installed once and forever – it can serve even to your children. Its service life is from 20 to 30 years. You can easily estimate a value that is called "cost of ownership".

Reduction of cleaning time by 30%

The Blizzard system can help not only to improve quality of cleaning, but to decrease time you spend it. Large size and stationary position of the power unit, permanent suction power enables to reach capacity that in 5 times exceeds capacity of traditional vacuum cleaners. Therefore, you do not need to vacuum one and the same place for a long time: it allows to collect dust for one brush pass and not to spend a lot of time for cleaning of furniture upholstery or thick carpets.

It preserves your furniture and interior

Traditional vacuum cleaners are very cumbersome. They can easily scratch floor, furniture or hit against your favorite interior item – sometimes one awkward movement of a housemaid is enough to do so. It will not happen, if you use a stationary central vacuum system produced by the Blizzard Lufttechnik. Hoses are very light, in addition, they can be encased in special coverings to protect brittle parts from damage. 

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