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Professional central vacuum system

P-klasse professional central vacuum systems with the Siemens turbine are used at public facilities: theaters, museums, hotels. The system showed itself to good advantage in use in private residence houses with area more than 1000 sq. m. where professional house chambermaids do cleaning. The system is completed with a turbine with a side channel, a cyclone separator, an electronic control box with an inverter, vibration dampers, and a silencer.

Split system

The Siemens turbine and the central vacuum system separator can be installed separately, including installation in different premises that allows saving commercial area and ease of use (reduction of noise, easy staff access to equipment).

Automatic filer cleaning

To do filter cleaning automatically, the separator is equipped with an electronic block, a compressor, a collector and a compressed air injector. In specific time intervals compressed air is automatically injected into internal cavity of the filter. Thus, the filter is cleaned from dust. This function eliminates necessity of manual filter cleaning, and separator maintenance requires only removal of dust from the dust collector. The clean filter ensures a stable operation of the turbine without suction power loss.

Saving of electric power makes 50 %

Due to the electronic inverter the central vacuum system system changes automatically turbine capacity depending on number of operators who operate the system at the same time.

The Siemens turbine with resource 40,000 hours

The turbine for the Blizzard P-klasse professional central vacuum system is made by Siemens, a leading German manufacturer specializing in manufacturing of reliable motors and compressors for the industry branches where reliability and operational life are key requirements. Siemens motors are used in printing machines, pharmaceutical conveyors, metallurgical and processing equipment. In these branches risk of equipment failure should be excluded.

Low noise

The turbine is made in the single slip cast block with the motor. Under maximum load and acceleration massive engines produces a whistling noise at high frequency that is transmitted to the building and is heard out of the bounds of the installation. Siemens engines are free of this drawback.

Consistent high capacity

Analogous turbines get considerably heated after acceleration phase. Thin-walled and knockdown casing prevents their effective cooling. It causes increase of gap between turbine blades and capacity reduction by 15 % to 20% under long-term operation. Siemens motors are equally effective both under shot-term load and within the whole cleaning cycle. It is the most important when equipment is used in hotels, public facilities and large residences.

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