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Special design of inlet valves of Blizzard central vacuum system (additional webbing, massive socket plate, strong spring, and reliable rubber packing) prevents distortion during installation, and/ thus, allows to preserve tightness of pipelines and permanent suction power.

You can select practical inlet valves or durable and light inlet valves from aluminum – in any case they look excellent and reliable within the whole service life.

VacPan has a special design with narrow opening for dust suction (that is closed by gate being in the off-state). It is installed at the floor level in any premises where there is a lot of fines, for example, in the kitchen or entrance hall.

To remove rubbish, it is necessary to brush it towards the VacPan. Then the VacPan is to be switched on by pressing the gate with your feet. The gate opens and sweepings are sucked in the pipeline. Design is completed with a decorative frame that mask defects on the surface of the wall or foundation of kitchen furniture resulted from installation of the VacPan. 

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