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The cleaning set includes 7 items: a hose, a telescoping tube, a combined mounting attachment, an attachment for furniture cleaning, an attachment for clothing, slot attachment and a hose bracket. Main functions: capacity control; control of the system parameter on the handle: necessity to clean the dust collector, clean or change the filter, to perform maintenance; auto-trip function in cases of clogging; automatic cleaning of pipelines after each cleaning; protection from twisting.

The Vroom S hose enables to vacuum quickly in the kitchen, entrance hall, and garage. The hose is integrated invisibly into the furniture and can be easily reached.

Fast cleaning of ash in the fireplace. The most ecologically valuable product in the central vacuum system. Fine-dispersed particles - combustion residue - will not get in the air of dwelling premises .

The casing allows ensuring additional protection from damages during cleaning of brittle, valuable furniture, and interior items.

Designed with CAD application, tested in the Wessel-Werk acoustic laboratory. Noise of air suction is less by 35 % to 40 % in comparison to analogs.  

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