Вентиляция дома, необходимая для комфортной жизни - производитель встроенных пылесосов Blizzard Lufttechnik


От вентпанели до центральной вентиляции. Рекуперация тепла. Низкопрофильные воздуховоды.

Sealed houses without fresh air

Because of heat insulation of houses, double-glazed windows fresh air stopped to enter houses and flat in a natural way.

Air contains 78.1 % of nitrogen, 20.9 % of oxygen, and 0.03 % of carbonic acid. Reduction of oxygen up to 18 % and increase of carbonic acid up to 0.1 % indoors leads to fatigue, loss of working capacity and headache. Ventilation maintains relation of О2 and CO2 in a comfortable for people zone and removes allergens and harmful substances from home air.  

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