Пылеудаление - новый этап эволюции бесшумных, комфортных пылесосов, сохраняющих мебель - производитель элитных каминов Blizzard Lufttechnik

Central vacuum system

Central vacuum system

New stage of evolution

It's amazing: some things that used to be considered technological wonders, now looks so ridiculous. For example, traditional vacuum cleaners. They raise dust in the air, sucks it incompletely, produce a loud noise, are cumbersome, inconvenient, therefore, even the latest models can be considered out-of-date. In future these technologies will not stand "natural selection" and they are condemned to extinction. We would like to present a new stage of development – “clean house system” of Blizzard Lufttechnik GmbH. This technology gradually replace other cleaning methods: even now many new houses and public buildings in Europe are equipped with the Clean House system.

Blizzard Lufttechnik GmbH. Made in Germany

The Clean House system of Blizzard Lufttechnik company has been developed in Germany with application of latest advanced technologies – that has enabled to design a system meeting the highest requirements. It incorporates everything that was missed by other manufacturers: it is noiseless, durable, can be easily integrated in the interior and, above all, is capable to maintain ideal cleanliness of your home. These are not only words: each of these advantages is confirmed by technical characteristics of the Clean House system of Blizzard Lufttechnik company.   

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