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Central vacuum system Blizzard Lufttechnik. Made in Germany.

What are ideal vacuum cleaners? Noiseless? Exhausting no dusty air in your room? Durable? Easy to operate? Affordable? When you learn more about central vacuum cleaners Blizzard Lufttechnik, you will realize why traditional cleaning methods are despairingly out of date. Central vacuum cleaner is a dust-collecting system consisting of a power unit, pipes and inlet valves. How does it works? Insert the hose into the inlet valve and start cleaning. Dust is removed through the central pipeline into the dust collector of the power unit. Coarse particles are entrapped in it, fine particles are discharged through exhaust opening.

Heat-saving ventilation

When it's raining, air smells amazingly, but in cold weather we close windows not to catch a cold. Perfect solution for ventilation is heat-recovery ventilation that can save 76 % of heat and supply fresh air indoors for 24 hours a day. Blizzard Lufttechnik supplies advanced systems for houses and apartments – central vacuum systems, heat-recovery ventilation units.


Portable vacuum cleaners are a source of allergy Details

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